Parents, students, and calibers are all part of one community

MISC aspires to be a part of the parents’ daily lives. Our one-of-a-kind community is eager to involve parents in a variety of activities


Both parents and students are parts of our community

MISC aims to be an integral part of the parents’ daily lifestyle. Our unique academy is keen to involve parents in many activities.

A parent can enjoy the school facilities during his/her children’s training hours; such as working out at the Gym or attending community activities regarding self-development sessions and nutrition classes.

Social-emotional coaching

We help our learners to understand themselves and communicate with others

In MISC, we use social-emotional coaching to help children and teens build a toolkit of reliable self-regulation skills for the classroom, and beyond.

Focusing on engaging techniques like mindfulness, reading, art, and yoga to meet your kid where he/she adapts to match his/her particular needs.

Worry, rage, attention, confidence, sociableness, self-organizing, and self-acceptance are a few typical topics.

Nutrition guidance for both parents and students

We help our community in maintaining healthy lifestyle

MISC works on building a community that supports the vision of a healthy lifestyle through different activities.

That is why we’ve highlighted the need of transforming healthy lifestyle behavior among students through school-based intervention programs.


Gym & CrossFit for both parents and students

Caring for the health of both parent and student

In MISC, we deliver tailored CrossFit programs that are made according to the age of each community member, to help in losing or gaining weight in a way faster and easier than you can through a typical gym workout, over the course of a specific period of time.

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