Welcome to MISC the first smart school in Egypt and Africa

MISC is the only school in Egypt that provides a complete intelligent system in all facilities and classes. All of this assures a unique, safe, and exceptional learning environment.

Gamification of education

The usage of new technology and virtual reality in learning

In MISC, we decided to make learning fun. We use new technology to apply new learning approaches.
The main goal of gamification is to enhance levels of the students’ engagement, Similar to what games can do.

This aims to improve their particular skills, optimize their learning, introduce objectives that give learning a purpose, support their behavior development, and promote their socialization.

next generation Remote learning

Sessions are shot by new camera technology

MISC allows students at home and in other remote locations to access classes live or recorded ones.

An immersive experience is created with smart classroom cameras that follow teachers as they move around the room and write on the interactive flat panel display, with excellent quality video and sound. Multi-classroom learning solution supports synchronized teaching and learning between multiple classrooms and provides an immersive experience for remote learners, with the ability to share educational resources between locations in real time.

Advanced Counseling office

Advanced behavior monitoring & professional counselors

MISC’s Students Counseling Department offers individual and group mental health services with prevention and awareness programming. This includes stress management, assistance, and consultation to help students in attaining their personal, academic, and long-term goals. MISC is supported by Students Counseling Services in its advocacy for secure and welcoming learning environments. With professional counselors and new technology approaches, we can help our students to develop, learn and grow appropriately.


Smart class room information system

Multi-users access screens to facilitate connection and integration between school administrators, staff and students as to announce urgent news or school updates. MISC’s Education Digital Signage provides extremely effective information posting of all kinds. They can be found in classrooms, library entrances, and school gates too.

In the heart of the new administrative capital

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