A unique school activity program

Sport is an integral part of our community, Our facilities are unique and built to provide every student with the best experience

Professional Soccer

Professional Soccer coaches and fully equiped soccer field

MISC is willing to grow its students as athletes and champions. The goal of MISC Soccer Academy is to create outstanding football players.

All the soccer-enhancing abilities such as; tactical awareness, individual prowess, maturity, and involvement in the community will be cultivated with the help of professional Soccer trainers.

Fully equipped BOXING Facility

Get individualized boxing/strength training workouts at your pace.

MISC knows how boxing is a great sport and that’s why we have a fully equipped boxing facility with professional trainers.

Kid’s boxing is more than just a physical activity. This martial art has several important advantages for kids and teens who want to get physically active, gain independence, and acquire self-discipline. Boxing offers all of these benefits and more, whether your child wants to compete or just learn a way to defend themselves.

Tennis PadDle

Stay Tuned

Paddle is a racket joyful sport typically played in doubles on an enclosed court

MISC wants the community to enjoy tennis paddle sport. This sport started to be very popular and healthy, it’s a low-impact activity that is beneficial for your cardiovascular system, especially when compared to other racket sports.

Longer rallies are encouraged by the court’s design and dimensions at MISC tennis paddle court. In contrast to the 25% of court time used by beginners, this suggests that 75% or more of the court time is spent with active players where both of them will satisfy their needs.

Squash court

Help your kids discover their passions and learn new skills with squash

MISC supports this lifelong sport that builds strong hearts, minds, and bodies. Kids of all ages and skill levels enjoy playing squash.

Even better, the sport is good for them in so many ways. These sports improve their gross and fine motor skills as self-esteem, optimism, and confidence as well as social, teamwork, and sportsmanship skills.


Two heated swimming pools that are ready for all different activities

Swimming is a great addition to a student’s life at MISC. Incorporating swimming into the school curriculum improves the student’s overall physical and mental well-being.

It can assist your children in overcoming obstacles and fears, forming new friends, and encouraging them to be physically active.


Basketball fields and professional academy

MISC Provides basketball fields to ensure that everyone in the community can enjoy this wonderful activity. Basketball is a great sport for kids to improve coordination skills, build teamwork and make new friends.

Introducing your child to the fundamentals of basketball at a young age not only encourages the sporting spirit but also lays the groundwork for lifelong physical activity.


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